Gecko Tans offers the only High Performance beds in the area!

Giant Sun by Dr Muller

These Units feature 50 - 160 watt VHP-R (Very High Performance Reflector lamps.) Reflector lamps contain a built-in nickelized reflective layer inside the lamp forcing the light to be directed at your body. The lamps can provide 60 percent more light than lamps without reflectors (standard 100-watt lamps). They also feature 4 - 1000 watt High-Pressure Quartz facial Lamps and have built-in cooling fans for head and feet.

Puretan Ellipse III

These beds feature 21- 160 watt VHO-R (Very High Output Reflector lamps in the canopy and 21-100 watt Spectralarium R+ lamps in the couch. The Facials consist of 8 - 400 watt Philips Isolde HP HPA Lamps along with a 1500-CFM Jet Stream II Body Cooling Fan.

Puretan Circe

(sir-see) 33 (named after the sun goddess and enchantress)

These beds feature 33 Puretan S+ 100-watt Quick Bronzing lamps along with 3- 400 watt High Pressure Quartz Facial lamps. They also feature a Fan Tastic body-cooling fan that generates 500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of body cooling air.

Sonnenbraune - Diva Tower Blue

This is a great high intensity 9 minute standup. They have 48 x 180 watt lamps for option. Diva Collection Tower is one of the finest crafted and most dependable stand-up tanning beds available.

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